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: Layle
➺ CANON: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers - Post game
➺ AGE: 21

➺ AFFECTION: Will be Awkward
➺ VIOLENCE: Willing and able to toss an opponent around.

➺ INFORMATION: Average Intelligence
➺ TRIGGERS: None at this time.

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➺ RELATIONSHIPS: None at the moment, but open to the possibility.

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CONTACT: [personal profile] knightpunk [ profile] KnightPunk 
TIMEZONE & AVAILABILITY: US Eastern Time, available evenings 

BACKTAGGING: Willing and Able
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Name: Ty
Age: 29
Preferred Contact Method: [ profile] KnightPunk 
Current Characters:


Character Name: Layle
Character Age: 21

Canon: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Canon Point: Post-Game

History: Layle on the Final Fantasy Wikia and Article on the Game

As we’re not given a lot of past history on Layle’s past in game, I’m expanding here with some head canon. As a Clavat Layle was born into a poor, but close family. He was born with the crystal embedded in his cheek, but wasn’t able to access magic until later. He left home while rather young to explore the world. Along the way made friends with the Lilty engineer Cid. Cid took Layle under his wing, eventually making Layle a chain mail jacket similar to his own, though yellow instead of teal. Eventually Layle turned to mercenary work as a teenager, originally hooking up with an older Clavat named Blaze as a partner. Blaze taught Layle a great deal about his powers, but Layle eventually ditched him and hooked up with a Selkie named Keiss, who was closer to his age and got along better with. Together the two of them began to work on military contracts.

Personality:  Layle gives the appearance of a stoic young man who is bored with life around him. He craves excitement, and tends to get a little lazy when there’s no excitement to be had, and will even complain about it. He’s incredibly curious, a fact he’s able to hide behind his stoic nature, and he often wonders if he’s got some Selkie in him from a couple of generations back, as Selkies are the tribe with the stereotype of sticking their nose into other people’s business. When something interesting happens, Layle will usually abandon what he’s working on and follow the new interest. Much to the disgruntlement of his partners, though sometimes this gets them new jobs and eases the tension. Also, if there's a hint of corruption on the project, he's currently working on he'll investigate. 
Layle views this trait of his with amusement. What mood he’s in and how much he liked the partner or client he’s dealing with affects how sorry he feels when either dragging them along or ditching them in search of greener and more exciting pastures, such as when a Yuke appeared for the first time in a thousand years. Fortunately, he’s able to focus and finish the job most of the time. Keyword most. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to get jobs. Money is hardly ever the cause of the desertion, a fact he’s proud of. It's also one of the reasons why he gets along with Keiss compared to his old, money and power hungry partner Blaze, as for Keiss it's the reputation that matters not the money, though he does question the sanity of Keiss' goal. 
As a mercenary Layle doesn’t have much loyalty to groups or organizations, but rather to individual people. He makes little secret of this trait and ignores anyone who gets upset over it. For a long time, the only people he was loyal to was Cid and Keiss. Keiss he followed along with on jobs, helping his friend achieve his dream of joining the military despite being Selkie in a Lilty dominated world. He feels loyal to Cid because Cid took him under his wing after Layle left home to follow the life of adventure. He becomes loyal the Yuke Amidatelion. Despite initially being hired to track the Yuke down for the Kingdom, because he discovers the Yuke’s plans was not of revenge on the Lilty Kingdom for destroying the Yuke Civilization as they had originally thought, but of resurrecting the Yuke people, and that if it wasn’t done the world might fall into ruin. He also becomes close to Belle and Princess Althea as they also want to try and make the world a better place.
When someone he cares about is hurt Layle will descend into a cold rage, and will hunt down the person who hurt his friend and exact revenge. He becomes extremely single-minded on this goal, and it takes extreme measures, such as having Princess Althea, someone he had become very fond of, pointing a gun to his head after he didn’t respond to her begging that he not crush Jegran with his magic. Layle isn't someone who raises his voice when angry. Instead, he gets quiet. The more angry he is the quieter he is. He doesn't think about this too much, as it does take a lot for him to get angry enough to try to kill someone. Such as that person killing one of his friends. 
He’s very stubborn in general, which is a Clavat trait. As a tribe the Clavat stick to tradition, often opting for a simple life and sticking to it through thick and through thin. These traditions include pilgrimages to a cathedral in the mountains through a path where some of the most powerful and violent monsters appear regularly. Though Layle is not following the same simple lifestyle as many of his tribesmen, being a mercenary instead of a farmer or cattle hand, he does know that he is incredibly stubborn, and knows it can get him into trouble. 
He could be considered reckless, as he has a habit of doing things that sane people normally wouldn’t do. Such as jumping out of an airship with nothing but a Gatling gun and a goggles for protection to go against a horde of angry monsters. He doesn’t think of himself as reckless, as he knows his powers and their limits and acts within them. Though he does test them, being a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Said event against the horde was probably the most fun he had that month, to his friend and partner Keiss’ annoyance. 
Atypical of most Clavats Layle is not particularly religious. This is because of his status as a Crystal Bearer. Because Crystal Bearers are the only ones capable of wielding magic after the Yuke Tribal Crystal was destroyed, and since the Lilty feared magic Crystal Bearers have been viewed as abominations at worst, and trouble at best, with magic outlawed in the capital and other major cities. A fact Layle doesn’t care about but usually follows for convenience’s sake until his forced to use them within the city limits. He’s often annoyed by this attitude from normal people and finds himself drawn to those who don’t show fear towards him. As Layle’s crystal is embedded in his cheek, there’s no way to hide it without eventually drawing attention to it. Keeping a bandage on his cheek would only work for a week before people start to question why it hadn’t healed yet. So Layle doesn’t hide what he is and lets people make their choices. 
Not being religious and being a mercenary doesn’t mean Layle is amoral. Layle’s moral code may have him betray clients and go against the law, but at his core, Layle wants to do the right thing. If that means stopping guards from chasing a woman who did nothing wrong, he will. If it means going against the Kingdom he’s been working for to resurrect a people long thought gone; he’ll do it. As long as he thinks it’s the right thing to do, he will do it. Laws be damned. He can’t stand corruption and will ditch corrupt partners like garbage, as he did with his former partner Blaze, finding him to be too greedy, and facing corrupt officials like High Commander Jegran face on. That being said, Layle isn’t above a little pick-pocketing if he’s low on money. Or causing some mischief for Lilty guards when they annoy him. He’s also likes helping people, saving farmers cows, getting rid of marauding monsters, and stopping Lilty guards from harassing (mostly) innocent Selkies are just a few of the things Layle will do without asking for money. 
Overall Layle views himself as a good guy. He knows he has a bit of an attitude problem, but for the moment his opinion on the matter is that people can either deal with it or not. He’ll stick with the people who are willing to deal with him, and he’ll be a good friend and ally for them. 

Power & Abilities: Layle can manipulate gravity in such a fine tune way that it’s mistaken for telekinesis. He’s able to create shields to deflect projectiles, able to grab another person’s spell or weapon and manipulate it to his will. He can use his gravity powers to cushion his landings, let him jump to high places. 
In battle, Layle mostly uses his powers to fling enemies around. He can also force certain beasts to use their special abilities, like make cactaurs shoot their needles, or electric jellyfish shoot out bolts of electricity, all depending on what the monster’s special ability is if they have one. 
This excellent control, however, comes at the expense of range. He can’t reach farther out than a hundred feet, and can only affect one target at a time. When decreasing gravity, he uses one hand. When increasing gravity or creating shields he uses both. 
As mercenary Layle has experience with couriering, body guarding, and retrieval of goods. He’s capable of piloting airships, but not well, and can ride chocobos, but has a distaste for them. He has some mechanical skills from growing up with Cid, but he has little patience for it. He usually just hits things until they work. He’s also familiar with navigating himself through tombs and ruins without destroying too much of it. 

Inventory: The clothes on his back is all he needs.

Game Plan: Layle is a mercenary by nature, will treat being an Asset as such, in fact, he’ll enjoying being an asset as he enjoys helping people. However, at his core Layle is a young man who will ultimately do the right thing even if that means going against the law. If he finds a thread that needs to be pulled he will pull it and not let go until he’s satisfied one way or the other. If a plot thread he finds interests him enough it’s likely he’ll change sides to follow it.



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